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    Just Time

    The leading organization of our field.
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    Just Time

    Easy to create the projects and solve the achieving
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    Our aim is to providing the best of project management

Just Time

is one of the leading companies in the field of trading and contracting.

Real estate investment

Field studies and evaluation of the component sold or purchased by comparison or similarly simple analysis of a retail component and meet the desire of a large segment of customers fill the lack of money to maintain an ownership share in exchange for building for the purpose of investment

General Contracting

The company carries out construction specifications and integrated with the latest technology and the company is equipped with high cadres who are preparing working drawings and calculate the actual quantities and quality management in terms of on-site tests and lab.


We offer to our customers as the first steps of cooperation FREE design of the project and the service is done through the engineering office and a certified specialist and our client can choose what suits him from hundreds of designs available, or request the implementation of the new design

Building and Decoration

A selection of specialized architects as the user of the vacuum is the first people Blahsas it is the work of field studies of the spaces with a comprehensive development of the concept of habitation by exploiting untapped places in the blanks in a streamlined and modern


Just Time justtime Urban Development Company was founded in 2001 with the participation of a group of specialists in different fields based first in works of architectural and structural designs and expanded in activity in Egypt and abroad in countries such


D all kinds of air-conditioning lines and stations and exits of the air-conditioning furnishing

Health work

All kinds of internal and external exchange using materials of high quality p Obtained

Acts of whiteness

Acts of internal and external whiteness finest paints and with superchargers experience of employment

Business buildings

All works of the buildings interior and exterior, including professionally

Isolation works

Isolation of bitumen usually oxidizer - Cold isolating - Alansumaat - The removal of a concrete content - thermal insulation

Concrete work

Carpentry - Smithy - pouring concrete, whether ready-made or blended Site

Partial Contracting

The company carries out any partial contracting some or all of the above

Marble and tile

All kinds of marble and tile in all its forms and methods of composition

Bishop gypsum

The work of all types of roofs and Aljpson gypsum board in all its forms

Just Time is one of the leading companies in the field of trading and contracting

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