Health work

All kinds of internal and external exchange using materials of high quality p Obtained


D all kinds of air-conditioning lines and stations and exits of the air-conditioning furnishing

Isolation works

Isolation of bitumen usually oxidizer - Cold isolating - Alansumaat - The removal of a concrete content - thermal insulation

Business buildings

All works of the buildings interior and exterior, including professionally

Acts of whiteness

Acts of internal and external whiteness finest paints and with superchargers experience of employment

Bishop gypsum

The work of all types of roofs and Aljpson gypsum board in all its forms

Marble and tile

All kinds of marble and tile in all its forms and methods of composition

Partial Contracting

The company carries out any partial contracting some or all of the above

Concrete work

Carpentry - Smithy - pouring concrete, whether ready-made or blended Site